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Your first visit will be a little longer than others. We like to take the time needed during the first visit to thoroughly examine your pet and review any medical history. This appointment is typically 60 minutes for dogs and 30 minutes for cats.

1. ARRIVE 10-15 MINUTES BEFORE YOUR SCHEDULED APPOINTMENT TIME. This will allow your pet a chance to get comfortable in the building before the exam, and will allow paperwork (such as entering you and your pet into our computer system, and signing a media consent release form if you should wish) to be taken care of before hand, so doing this does not cut into your actual appointment time.

2. BRING A STOOL SAMPLE - as fresh as possible! We may not need it, but if we do you won't need a second trip. You may even want to bring a URINE sample, not as easy but very useful!

3. BRING A favourite TOY or TREAT that your pet likes, or perhaps a BLANKET. Toys can be a nice distraction from what can otherwise be a stressful time. Something familiar is best for providing comfort, although most puppies and kittens will play with whatever we offer them! We really appreciate when people bring treats for their pets if the pet has a food allergy - being able to offer them a reward for letting us check them or take blood makes all of us happier!

4. BRING any MEDICAL HISTORY RECORDS (not just bills or vaccine certificates, although these can be helpful as well) with you, or have them forwarded to our hospital before your appointment. It should be as simple as contacting your previous clinic to ask them to email or fax them to us. There may be a fee for this service and it may take time, so best to plan ahead. We especially need to know about any vaccinations, drug reactions, and diagnoses. Please bring with you any current medications and the name of the food you are feeding (consider taking a photo of the bag or can). Also BRING A LIST OF ANY CONCERNS you have about your pet.

5. Come by with your pet for an informal, stress-free visit BEFORE the day of the appointment. That way, we will be more familiar to your pet (hopefully in a good way!) on the actual day. Dogs can have a cookie and be weighed, cats may want to have a nail trim with nothing else happening. And you are all welcome to have a tour. Please ask if you are not offered, as we sometimes forget to. If it is not an ideal time, then we will let you know and ask to do it another time - hospital life can be unpredictable!

Please do not hesitate to ask any questions before, during or after your appointment

South side of Burnhamthorpe, just East of Ponytrail

We acknowledge the traditional keepers of this land: the Anishinabewaki, Haudenosaunee, and the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nations. Miigwetch.