Although we can't tell you exactly what makes us different from other clinics (because we haven't been "behind-the-scenes" at those places), we can tell you what WE do and, as or more importantly, DON'T DO, that makes a visit to our hospital easier on kitties.

1. We do not DECLAW. We love your cat more than your furniture and we know you do too. We will help you find humane solutions to any problems you are having with your cat's claws. Learn more about declawing here.

2. We offer unlimited free NAIL TRIMS. This offer is for every cat, regardless of their temperament and whether a client of ours or not.

3. We don't MUZZLE and we avoid those scary big leather GLOVES too. Instead we find that putting an Elizabethan cone on the cat that might bite keeps us safe, and being held with towels is much more comfortable for the cats, and gives them a hiding place while the exam takes place. Out of sight, out of mind, as the saying goes!

4. We don't "SCRUFF" or raise our voices. "Scruffing" can be frightening for an adult cat, it is something only the mother cat would do to her kittens, and also males do to females when mating - neither sends the appropriate signal from us to your cat!

5. We use PHEROMONES (Feliway) to create a soothing environment. These are the plug-ins you see around our hospital. 

6. We keep cats away from DOGS - in the waiting room as well as when they are hospitalized with us.

7. We use disposable, biodegradable LITTER BOXES (the cardboard bottom that comes with every case of canned food) for all of our hospitalized cats so that no kitty has to smell the urine of another kitty in his/her "suite" - since urine is used for marking territory it sends the threatening message to the cat that they are in someone else's space! Very stressful.

8. When hospitalized, we give cats a place to HIDE - whether a donut bed, a cardboard box or towels covering all or part of the cage door, every cat gets a choice to be seen or to hide from all the strange sights and sounds. Every cat is happier when they have found a good hiding spot to get cosy in!

9. We play classical MUSIC, both in the waiting room and in the kennel rooms. Studies have shown that this can lower stress, and it helps to dilute other hospital noises.

10. We recommend that all cats be fed CANNED food every day. This keeps them better hydrated and avoids life-threatening (and costly) urinary obstructions due to crystalized urine.

11. Our clinic is designed to let in as much natural LIGHT as possible, and our main exam room has a window sill that sometimes ends up being used as an exam table so the kitty can look out the window to be distracted and take their mind off whatever stress they are feeling. 

12. We vaccinate with NON-adjuvanted 3 year vaccines in order to reduce the risk of vaccine-associated problems. The additional cost of these premium vaccines is absorbed by us.

13. We have MEDICATION that is specifically designed for cats for easier administration and safer dosing.

14. We avoid external STITCHES for all surgeries - all sutures are dissolvable hidden under the skin so there is nothing for them to chew out (potentially opening up the surgery site) while grooming.

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South side of Burnhamthorpe, just East of Ponytrail

We acknowledge the traditional keepers of this land: the Anishinabewaki, Haudenosaunee, and the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nations. Miigwetch.