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Pet Supply Stores

  • Ren's Pets (pet supply store with friendly, knowledgeable staff)
  • Dog Quality (on-line store specializing in products for senior pets)

Seatbelts, Carriers & Enclosures

  • Habitat Haven (outdoor enclosures for cats - the safe way to let your cat enjoy being outside)

Harnesses, Collars & Tags

  • Gentle Leader (head collars that make walking excited dogs easier)
  • Softouch Concepts (harness that keeps YOU in control of your dog)
  • Lucky Pet (best pet tags and collars around – note that cats should ONLY wear break-away collars)

Water Fountains

  • Drinkwell (our favourite water fountains for cats)

Food Puzzles and Toys

  • Tricky Treat Ball (treat/food dispensing dog toy) *available at Park*
  • SlimCat (the best way to feed your cats their kibble) *available at Park*
  • Nina Ottosson (food puzzles for dogs and cats)
  • Kong Company (helping your pets entertain themselves)
  • Chuckit (safer alternatives to tennis balls)


  • Bowsers (our favourite donut beds)



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