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LAST UPDATE: October 3, 2017

Every OCTOBER we step up our fundraising for the Farley Foundation. Please help if you can. This year we have bandanas for sale, as well as pawprints for 

you to write a loved one's name on. We are dedicating this year's Farley Month to our beloved Goldie, who passed away peacefully on September 27 surrounded by love after 7 years of warming hearts at our hospital. 

 is our annual "Feline Focus" month.

This year we offered a 10% discount on every cat's annual health exam, 10% off wellness bloodwork, buy-one-get-one on all Purina dry and canned food - and a free catnip toy! Like every other month, cat nail trims were free.

RABIES is on the rise in Ontario - please make sure your pet is fully protected! See this MAP for recent cases.

FOX TAPEWORMS (Echinococcus multiocularis) are an emerging concern in our province. The first case detected here in a dog was in 2012. This does not affect cats. The source seems to be dogs imported from other countries therefore we are recommending that ALL dogs entering/re-entering Ontario be dewormed with praziquantel. The concern is the life-threatening damage it can do to people. Please contact us for more information and/or if you think your dog needs to be dewormed. See this infographic and this infosheet for more details.

SEP/16: All nail trims for cats are now FREE!

In our on-going effort to end partial digit amputation (also known as declawing) in North America (we stopped offering this surgical procedure in 2013), we will trim any cat's nails, whether a patient of ours or not, for free, for life. And this will never change. Please watch The Paw Project (free DVDs for loan or for keeps available at our reception desk).

FEB/17: We now offer PAWDICURE plans for dogs. One year of UNLIMITED nail trims by our skilled technicians (and all the liver treats your dog can eat each time!) for $199+ tax.  

is "Dental Month".

During this time we offer discounts on COHATs (more commonly, but less formally, known as 'dentals'), oral exams, tooth brushing demonstrations, and VOHC-approved food & treats. Good oral health is about more than good breath - it is about being pain-free and living a longer, more healthy life!

Every year, from MARCH 1 to JULY 31 we offer discounts for dogs on blood testing packages which include screening for lyme disease and heartworms.

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