Emergency Care  When We Are Closed

Near Winston Churchill, between Dundas St W & QEW:


Near Islington, between Bloor & Queensway:



NOTE: This is NOT a 24-hour care facility, you will need to take your pet home or to us before they close at 9am on weekdays.


1-888-426-4435 ASPCA Animal Poison Control


1-855-764-7661 Pet Poison Helpline

Both include information about poisonous plants. They also have an app: Pet Poison Helpline.

Please seek immediate veterinary care if you notice any of the following:


1. Any male cat who is VOMITING - this could be a sign of urinary tract obstruction which is an extremely painful and life-threatening condition that can lead to death due to kidney failure and even bladder rupture.

2. Breathing with MOUTH OPEN - this is a sign of respiratory distress potentially due to heart failure or fluid in/around the lungs; any cat doing this can die suddenly.

3. Any cat who may have been in contact with, and especially if they have chewed on, any part of a LILY - even if they seem completely normal, they should be brought in right away to be detoxified or they could die from sudden kidney failure within a few days. 


1. VOMITING UN-PRODUCTIVELY, retching without anything coming up. This could be a sign of bloat which is an extremely painful and life-threatening condition. 


1. Contact with ANTIFREEZE - even a lick or two can be lethal leading to kidney failure within a few days. Do not wait and see if problems will appear, it will be too late to save them at that time.

2. Contact with RAT POISON - go immediately and bring the package with you. There are antidotes for many but not all rodenticides, early intervention has the very best prognosis.